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Here are some awards PolyEdit has received from many sources, including software archive sites, magazines, various product reviews, and so forth.

FileTransit 5 Stars

Shareup 5 Stars

FileHungry 5 Stars

ListSoft BEST

ListSoft Choice

ListSoft Users' Choice

Yippee 4 Stars

ComputerPress Award

SoftList BEST (5 stars)

PC Home Online (ToGet)

Softodrom 5 Stars

TopShareware 5 Stars

Download2you 5 Stars 5 Stars Smart Award 5 Stars Cool

File Flash 5 Stars 5 stars

BullDownload 5 Bulls 5 Stars

MaxxDownload 5 Stars

5Cup Excellent

Pricelessware 2006

FreewareWeb 5/5


What users say about the product.

"Such an excellent program. I have practically replaced all of my word processing programs with this one. Excellent layout and professionally written. Keep up the outstanding work on such a fine AWP (alternative word processor)."
Mark Sapp, United States

"I've read on a few sites descriptions of PolyEdit as a replacement for WordPad. That's like saying that the London Symphony Orchestra is a replacement for a kazoo. PolyEdit is far more. Its unique interface make word processing as exciting and addictive as a video game."
"PolyEdit beats out everything I've tried, and I've tried a lot... Your docking, in particular, allows for a more powerful and flexible work environment than all of the word processors that profess to be designed for creative writers."
"If you don't change one more thing, you already have the best word processor I've ever used."
Carson Fire, United States

"My hat's off to you for your past work. This is a simple afterthought. I mostly wanted to congratulate you for a fine program!"
Jimmy Scott, United States

"Thanks for the work you've done writing PolyEdit. I am really enjoying it. I have tried so many different word processors but this is the first one I have found that gives me all the basic functions I need as well as speed and MS Word compatibility."
"A lot of my work is typing technical documents so I need simplicity, tidiness and formatting abilities rather than all the fancy stuff in MS Word. PolyEdit has plenty of features to keep me happy without the clutter."
"I think you have really hit the nail on the head by keeping it light and fast."
Ian Williamson, New Zealand

"Thank you for a very nice program. It has a very great deal of potential."
"The program is impressive. I haven't noticed any significant issues with it. All the best."
John Stafford, Canada

"I'm very happy with the program. Thank you for making an alternative to Microsoft Word available!"
Jimmy, United States

"No bugs encountered. I just wanted to express my appreciation for a first-class, little word processor. I've been using Crypt Edit for quite some time and just downloaded, installed and registered PolyEdit. I've recommended it to several people and will continue to do so."
William A. Stapp, United States

"This is by far the best alternative word processor I have seen, next to the big ones. After trying all the free alternatives, I found that all of them had some sort of issues, like AbiWord with its constant crashing, or EasyWord with its single level only undo. But the price is pretty modest and the configurability is highly advanced, as it can also double as a source code editor complete with syntax highlighting."
"Just saying thanks for a top-notch program! Just downloaded it yesterday, and love it."
Kenny Heimbuch, Canada

"I think it's the best word processor I've seen so far and I'm planning to switch to it for good. You're doing a wonderful job with PolyEdit."
Vincent Bastiat, France

"I salute you for having made a fine word processor. I downloaded several of its files after reading of it in the Lockergnome weekly bulletin. It is fast, not hungry, and has most of the features generally used without becoming cluttered. In short, pretty close to ideal. It can probably be used everywhere, but I foresee a specially bright future for it in education. That will of course need publicity."
Mukul Dube, India

"I had begun to think of PolyEdit as my word processor of choice. I write for a living, and I want a tabbed word processor that will open fast, run fast, not freeze (as does MS Word and the other "monster" word processors I have), and basically just do a good job. I get that from PolyEdit, every time I sit down to work. I love it and appreciate all you've done to perfect this great software program! Thank you!"
Loren Whitaker, United States

"I actually prefer PolyEdit, because of its small size and fast loading. I truly appreciate your efforts in making this program so versatile."
Beldar Conehead, United States

"I've been looking for a word processor or text editor that's leaner, smaller, and less top-heavy than Word, and PolyEdit comes pretty close. I'm an admirer of well-designed software, and PE is one of the few shareware word processors I've seen that is designed the right way."
"I like the feel of the program because it's sort of a super-text-editor and light-word-processor. Text editors that are too limited give me a headache because they're confining, whereas Word gives me a headache because it's become almost laughably bloated. Word is not a great tool for writing. It's probably a great tool for mail merge or macro-writing, etc., but most people use word processors for writing, and it does so much at this point it's becoming unwieldy for composing text. Most programmers feel compelled to either make a program a text editor (i.e. no font capability) or a word processor. PE is nice in that it has capabilities of both: fonts, as well as the text-conversion utilities most people associate with text editors."
Dan, United States

"Thanks for having developed such a powerful, and yet compact in size, Word Processor. Others should learn from you."
Laurence Coakley, Canada

"I've been testing PolyEdit for a few days now and it really is powerful. You've put the best bits in from programs like NoteTab and others. The program might not be as powerful as MS Word. Nevertheless, it rivals it in a big way. You can organize your data with the snippets and catalog functions. The conversion tools are excellent too - paragraph to lines and vice-versa are a must for newsletter publishers."
"Plus at the click of the mouse you can publish to RTF, MS Word, WordPerfect, HTML, Mac, and Unix, while keeping a single source file!"
John E. Shreeve, United Kingdom

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23 Jul 2010 -
PolyEdit 6.0 Beta 2 released

07 Apr 2010 -
PolyEdit 5.4 released

25 Mar 2010 -
PolyEdit 6.0 Beta 1 released

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