PolyEdit Reviews

"PolyEdit is a new face amongst the crowd of light weight text editors. Slim, fast and easy to use, it lets you handle all those word processing jobs for which you don't want to start a full blown office suite..." - read more
Review by beste-freeware.de

"The name of the software speaks for itself - it's a versatile word processing application featuring a unique proprietary tabbed document interface..." - read more
Review by 3d2f.com

"The new user of computers is often faced with buying expensive software to do simple jobs. Inexpensive software is often available that will do those jobs until the new user's needs are better known..." - read more
Article by John P. Reid

"The fact is that Microsoft Word is a very powerful documentation tool. Great for writing complex technical manuals or for creating colourful brochures and corporate newsletters. But not the best choice for everyday office correspondence or general writing..." - read more
Review by John E. Shreeve

"There's no way a text editor from a little-known software house can possibly replace Microsoft's end-all-be-all Word, right? No, there's not. There's simply no way PolyEdit, a compact, graceful, and elegant word processor, can compete with Word's arguably overgrown, graceless, and cumbersome everything-and-the-kitchen-sink feature set. The fact is, however, that you probably don't use all those features crammed into Word..." - read more
Article published in Computer Power User

"PolyEdit can be called a "new word" (in some sense) in the word processing software. It provides rich functionality, pretty and consistent user interface and some non-trivial but very useful, tricky capabilities..." - read more
Review by 3d2f.com

"This word processor provides the kind of flexibility we rarely see in Windows applications. This is the electronic version of a real notebook, interacting with a real person in a real environment..." - read more
Review by Carson Fire

Latest News

23 Jul 2010 -
PolyEdit 6.0 Beta 2 released

07 Apr 2010 -
PolyEdit 5.4 released

25 Mar 2010 -
PolyEdit 6.0 Beta 1 released

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